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Postby ck » Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:11 am

What are the requirements for membership?
We don't have any complex ritual hazing process you must go through to join, but we do have an application process you must follow. Savage Truth was founded in ?, and is a diverse group of both casual and more aggressive players spanning multiple gaming universes. As such, there are no level or gear requirements to join the guild. (Note: Understand that we do impose restrictions on high-end content as is necessary due to game mechanics.) Also please note, we do not accept members under the age of 18 without a parent or family member in the guild.

Generally, we require you have a member sponsor. However, if you do not have a sponsor, all is not lost. We do on occasion accept exceptional applicants, so please don't hesitate to post if you are really interested. If you are literate, mature, and make us laugh, we may waive the reference requirement, and we have a sponsorship program that will aid in your getting to know people. This recruitment requirement is relaxed even more-so in games we are just breaking into and at the onset of new expansions, thus a post can never hurt!

Who should not apply?
We're here to have fun, and we are not interested in d00ds and drama queens in our mix. We emphasize maturity, tolerance, honor, and humor in gaming. If you have none of these qualities or feel you fall into either of the two categories stated above, then you should probably look elsewhere for a guild. Further, we prefer that you join us not just for what the guild is doing end-game, but to be a part of a community which reaches well beyond the game. If you are looking to join us strictly for raiding, there are many other groups out there soliciting members for just that. We suggest you try them.

What is your Code of Conduct?
We aren't big on rules. We don't think that the type of player we seek to recruit needs a lot. However, we have two comprehensive ones that we expect all members to abide by. If you encounter a member who is not following these guidelines, we request that you as a fellow guildie let Tib,Mora, myself, or an officer know. If you do not abide by them, you may be removed from the guild. We know that everyone makes mistakes, but cronic offenders are in the wrong guild.

You should conduct yourself with:
1) A Sense of Honor: This means no grief play, including chest/mine/plant ganking, ninja-looting, excessive corpse-camping, abuse of game mechanics (e.g. baiting others into unwanted pvp by causing them to click on you by accident), rude conduct in groups, sexual harassment, etc. Basically, don't be a jerk.

2) A Sense of Humor: If your actions are not adding to someone's fun, it might be detracting from it. Things like drama, religion, politics, and vulgarity are rarely fun in guild chat or general chat. We're playing a game, it's supposed to be fun. We value lighthearted humor and joking around -- don't drag your guildmates down.

In addition, spamming, begging, and ALLCAPS are not appropriate in guild chat. Avoid d00d and l33t sp34k. (This includes excessive abbreviation. d00d u r not 4 us)

Basically, play nice with others, and realize that when you wear our tag you represent us. Do so with pride, and have fun!

Who do I contact/where do I post if I'd like to join, and what happens next?
If after reading over this thread you would like to apply, please make an introduction post in the New Member Registration Forum. There are no strict guidelines with regard to what you post. Have fun with it! If you have one, don't forget to mention the name of your sponsor! If you do not have a sponsor, again, please don't be afraid to post. If we like your introduction, we can go from there.

Please make yourself known, and help us out by asking for an officer after you have posted. If you don't have a sponsor, get to know people! Generally we will do a brief interview with you to make sure you understand and agree to the CoC and seem like a good fit for the guild. If you are accepted, you will be subject to a one-month trial period. Assuming all goes well, after that juncture you will officially be a ST!
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